It may seem like a long shot, considering how many chips would have to fall in place, but the UFC is reportedly hoping to have Anderson Silva fight Jon Jones this fall at Cowboys Stadium.

That’s the word from veteran writer and MMA insider Dave Meltzer, who says the UFC would like to book the Silva-Jones superfight, as well as the rubber match between Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos for the event. It would clearly be the biggest event in the promotion’s history, and would be a pretty good way for the UFC to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary (although Meltzer mentioned that angle was “discussed” with him).

Now, before fans starting look at flights to Dallas, not only does Silva have to get by a ridiculously tough challenger in Chris Weidman on July 6th, but it remains to be seen what the UFC does with Jones.

The light-heavyweight champ has said he wants to break the title defense record he currently holds alongside Tito Ortiz in his next bout, before considering any superfights. Of course, if Silva and he fought at 205 pounds, then that could still be accomplished. It also looks like Alexander Gustafsson believes he’s next in line for Jones, which is a bout the champion says he wants.

Jones did post a couple of interesting tweets this afternoon regarding his dislocated toe, and relayed that:

“Just finished with the foot doctor, got a lot to contemplate today.. Decisions decisions”

When asked for a follow up as to what exactly he meant, the 25 year-old star said “whether to jump into a training camp in three weeks or recover more.” Intriguing stuff.

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports