If you had not heard, last week UFC.com was hacked and UFC President Dana White’s personal information was leaked to millions world wide. According to an article released earlier today by Softpedia.com, the extremely threatening hacker was only a kid, at just 13 years old. The computer genius resides in Australia and goes under the name “s3rver.exe.”

S3rver.exe explained that the reason he felt the need to hack UFC.com and release White’s info is that, he considers himself a member of the social hacker group “Anonymous” and Dana had earlier made the statement that the group was “a bunch of terrorists.” The tike went on to warn White and asked him to retract his statement, to which he responded with a  “f**k you.” That’s when things got ugly. S3rver.exe then proceeded to release all Dana’s personal info and once again asked for an apology, for White’s employees’ sake. With still no sorry in sight, the boy released Jason “Mayhem” Miller’s info.

The big question is, will he continue and is he scared of the consequences? S3rver.exe says no.

Softpedia: This is a question I ask all hackers. What is the significance of your hacker name and why did you choose this name?

S3rver.exe: I choose this name, s3rver.exe, because I really like Botnets and Rats and when you create a RAT Server it comes out as server.exe. That’s how I choose that name.

Server.exe is also a malicious virus.

Softpedia: When and why did you start hacking?S3rver.exe: I started hacking when I was 11. Botnets and Rats inspired me and then a friend introduced me to SQL injection and other hacking stuff.

Basically, I started hacking because I saw many videos and news around the world about hacking and then I also wanted to learn. I made heaps of Internet friends and they taught me some tricks.

And I guess hacking is my type because I really like computers and I want to get a job in computing.

Softpedia: Which was the most important site you breached, or the most important operation you were part of

S3rver.exe: I have breached the Administrator of usa.gov yesterday. That was fun. I went through the directories and stuff. Me and my friend Sterlok breached the security.

Then I did a live deface on UFC.com and UFC.tv. The live deface was on Tinychat. I was sharing my screen and people were watching me deface.

Now I have XSS’ed OPOA, which is the Oakland Police website. I am going to release their stuff soon.

So those were really important to me.

Source: Softpedia.com