Well, Dana White said they were pulling all the stops for their Fox Sports 1 debut (formerly Speed Channel), and it looks like he’s keeping his word. Two of the biggest draws in the sport, Chael P. Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva are rumored to be on tap for the promotions debut. According to Dave Meltzer (Wrestling Observer) the UFC is hoping to see an all out war, similar to what we witnessed in Silva vs. Stann. With both men holding grudges against the other, and a strong will to walk forward, we may get just that.

[Re: Chael on UFC Tonight]…The Wanderlei Silva thing was something he was told to do because they are looking at- I know that the idea is Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen as one of the top matches on the August 17 show in Boston. That’s what they are looking for.

…As far as a TV main event…Wanderlei Silva and Brian Stann is to me, is like the greatest TV main event in UFC. It drew phenomenal ratings for Fuel…it was almost double the highest rated show in the history of the channel. And what a match. That probably was UFC’s best match of this year.

…Wanderlei has got a certain charm and is very over and Chael is a personality

…If you are thinking of a good TV main event, that’s it. Thats a good one to have. And again, Chael will cut the promos to build it up and it will be very good. I don’t know if the match will be great but its definitely the right mix to build a television main event.

The event is expected to take place on August 17, live from the TD Garden Arena in Boston, Massachusetts.

Photographer: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports