After Dana White revealed earlier the UFC was going to punish Rousimar Palhares further, for his dangerous actions last night at UFC FN 29, chances are most people were thinking suspension. Well, according to the latest news Thursday, it’s a lot more serous than that.

How so? The UFC boss man has reportedly told ESPN’s Jeremy Schapp, on the network’s “Olberman” show, that the promotion has banned Palhares for life.  Obviously the promotion takes the safety and health of it fighters quite seriously, and has moved swiftly to deliver a message such actions won’t be tolerated. Palhares continued to work the heel hook that forced Mike Pierce to tap out shortly into the fight, even after the ref jumped in.

In addition, this isn’t the first time Palhares has been disciplined for holding onto a heel hook for too long (which are ridiculously dangerous ). At UFC 111 in 2010, Palhares didn’t immediately let go of the heel hook he used to tap-out Tomasz Drwal, and was suspended by New Jersey authorities for 90 days.

Earlier, the fighter’s manager Alex Davis came to his defense,  and said “The one thing I can certify is that Rousimar does not hold on to a sub out of malice. It’s unconscious, a mix of adrenaline and years of being conditioned to not let go.” Davis also conceded, however, that Palhares still needed to work on releasing his subs earlier…

Palhares himself took to Twitter to defend his actions by stating “I never meant to hurt anyone, as a jiu-jitsu fighter I always seek for the submission, but I would never be evil to any athlete.” The 33 year-old also claimed he didn’t intend to hurt Pierce, and that he respects the rugged wrestler “a lot”.

Evidently the UFC doesn’t believe the fighter’s explanations excuses him of his actions. Now it will be interesting to see if and how long it takes Palhares to get picked up by another promotion. Fighters like Paul Daley and Renato Sobral had no problems finding work after they were kicked out of the UFC.

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