It was only days ago that Chael Sonnen posted on his Facebook wall “I am no longer permitted to speak ill of the former champion Jon Jones.” The comments continued on as an obvious gag  of Jones issuing an apology to Sonnen for ‘ducking him.’ Now with reports surfacing from the ‘The Wrestling Observer‘ that Jones was angered by Sonnen’s badgering to the point that he asked UFC President Dana White to step in and put a stop to it, you have to wonder if there was any truth to Sonnen’s joke.

Given the recent comments made by Jones and his camp in the media after the fallout of his publicist, it is clear that the champ is maturing in front of us. Many forget that Jones is the youngest UFC champion ever, currently 25 years old. Regardless if you agree with Jones’ decision or not, he has not put his views out eloquently in the public eye. From “I fight to make money” to putting out a half-hearted apology, Jones has faced a huge backlash from the MMA community. Yes, Jones is a ‘prize fighter’, but the majority of MMA fans do not want to hear these comments. Unfortunately the champ learns this the hard way, which we can only hope he learns from going forward.