One of Chris Weidman’s trainers in the build-up to last weekend’s title fight with Anderson Silva, and all-round MMA legend Renzo Gracie has said that Anderson Silva paid the price for his show-boating and got what he had coming to him.

Speaking to, Master Renzo also reckoned that Weidman was fading due to Anderson negating all his offense in the first round.

“This kid [Weidman] is very dangerous, he was always very dangerous. Every time he fights, he wins,” Gracie said. “Early in the bout, when Chris was in control, he did everything he wanted, but couldn’t win, so Anderson gained great confidence. He thought it would be a walk in the park and then he began to play.

“And the boy [Weidman] really was fading, he was tired because he did everything during the first round. He had side control, he was attacking, and when Anderson saw him fading he thought: “Now I’m gonna give a show”. The problem is that this sport is not the place for that. In this sport you have to win.”

Gracie then explained how he thought that the longer the fight went, the more it suited Silva, but didn’t count for Silva’s mocking of Weidman to have such an effect.

“The longer the fight, the worse it would be for Chris, I was seeing it. He began to fade, but Anderson didn’t manage to take [the fight] seriously,” he continued. “He began to mock Chris. It was over the top, because you can’t belittle your opponent. If you’re confident enough to do this kind of thing, go and finish the fight. Go for the KO or for the submission. You just can’t stand there dancing and not go for the win. Are you gonna stay there to give a show to others?”

Speaking then about when he was present at the notorious UFC 112 fight between Silva and Demian Maia, Gracie said he thought Anderson’s behavior was actually worse at the weekend at UFC 162.

“I was there in the fight against Demian. Anderson’s behaviour in this fight [vs. Weidman] was worse. It was more aggressive and more insulting than on that occasion. The words he was using, it was insulting, and this is something he shouldn’t do.

“He is the champion, he is an example in the sport. He has a fantastic history as a UFC fighter and should be respectful and act in a proper manner,” Gracie admitted. “I gave an interview before the fight telling him to change his ways, but it didn’t happen. Unfortunately it’s stuck in his soul and it comes out from there, right? And that’s what caused his defeat today.

“Anderson is a great champion, all he has to do is put his head in the right place and remember when he was a kid who was working hard in order to get where he is now, and be that boy again. When you begin to lose sight of who you are, you start to fall into traps like this. Life comes to collect.”

Wise words from the great Renzo Gracie there, but what do you think? Is he correct in saying Anderson needs to essentially go back to his roots and back to the drawing board? Or are we blowing this whole thing out of proportion?