It’s been over a month now since Chris Weidman turned the MMA world upside down by knocking out Anderson Silva, and the debate continues whether the former champ’s antics were responsible for the loss. Of course, some observers believe Silva was just doing his regular shtick, as a means to draw Weidman into a stand-up battle. Unfortunately for Silva and “Spider” fan clubs everywhere, the middleweight legend got caught. For others, Silva got carried away with the showboating and taunting, took Weidman too lightly, and paid dearly for his actions.

Well, one man who knows a thing or two about fighting is renowned boxing coach Freddie Roach, who has heaped praise on Silva in the past for his striking abilities. While appearing on the latest edition of “The MMA Hour” Monday, however, Roach had this to say about Silva’s historic loss.

“My thought on that is that he just plays around too much. I think it’s too easy for him sometimes. He just got caught playing around. In this sport, one punch can change things, and this isn’t a sport you should actually play [around].

“The thing is, I think he gets a little bored in there because he’s talented, and he seems like he’s more talented than a lot of the guys. He is one of the best I’ve ever worked with. He understands timing and distance really well. I think he could’ve avoided taking those shots, but again, I’m not sure what his thought process was. I think he was just a little bit lazy and playing around too much.”

There’s probably more than a few people who would agree with that analysis no? If you’re wondering why Roach appeared on “The MMA Hour”, aside from the fact he’s one of the planet’s most respected boxing trainers, he’s been helping “Shogun” Rua prepare for this Saturday’s fight with Chael Sonnen.

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