Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

At UFC Fight Night 118 this past weekend, Artem Lobov fought Andre Fili. It was a battle, and one that Lobov eventually lost.

It was also a battle to get Lobov’s significantly more famous teammate – Conor McGregor – to chill the heck out while cageside. You see, McGregor tends to get really into it when his teammate fights, and sometimes that includes yelling instructions when he’s not supposed to be.

So of course referee Marc Goddard paused the fight to verbally admonish McGregor.

Here’s Goddard’s side of things, courtesy of MMAFighting:

“Conor was basically acting like a fourth cornerman,” Goddard said. “Walking around the cage side wherever and whenever he wanted. When Fili took down Artem, Conor was right there. That’s simply not fair and not allowed. I won’t have it. He can’t do as he pleases.”

Goddard said he couldn’t play favorites just because it was McGregor, the UFC’s golden boy.

“If Conor had stood up, stayed at his seat, then he could have shouted till his hearts content,” Goddard said. “That’s what he’s supposed to do. But what he simply cannot do, what he is not allowed to do, is approach the cage at any point and as I say act as the fourth corner. That’s unfair and unjust. Anyone who knows me will tell you I’ve done this forever, in any country in any situation. My integrity is not wavered and neither is the rules. We can’t allow that. I simply had to act.”