The unveiling of the new UFC uniforms from Reebok, which was reported here at Caged Insider by Jim Genia earlier this week, had more than its share of quirks.

Among them were an odd number of misspelled names among the kits available in the Reebok Fight Shop.

Among the victims were lightweight contender Gilbert Melendez, whose uniform spelled his forename “Giblert”  — spawning a memorable satire Twitter account:

The word flexibility was also misspelled on the onsite graphic:

Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira was another victim of misspelling:

Other errors included a kit for a fighter named Kevin Swanson (instead of Cub Swanson), and another for someone named Roland Sangcha-An (instead of Roldan Sangcha-An). The latter is still available at the Reebok shop and who knows, maybe it will become a collector’s item if anyone at Reebok ever figures it out.

There’s also a fighter uniform for a man named Norifumi Yakovlev. It’s unclear if this is to honor either Norifumi Yamamoto or Alexander Yakovlev:

But today we may have gotten the biggest surprise of all.

Conor McGregor appears to have a “champion” kit available from the Reebok Shop in the UK. The “champion” kits have a gold trim that is supposed to only belong to champions — but McGregor’s fight for the interim title is still a week away? What gives?

It’s a brave new world, fans.

EDIT: Since this article ran, Reebok closed down most of their online shop for the UFC line, noting: “In preparation for International Fight Week we are conducting maintenance on custom UFC jerseys.”