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Nothing screws a promoter over like a fighter bailing on a fight. Now make the promoter the UFC, make the event the UFC 215 pay-per-view, and make the fighter Ray Borg – who fell sick at the last moment and put the main event bout between him and Demetrious Johnson on ice – and whoa Nelly do you have a recipe for disaster.

Johnson and Borg will supposedly meet at UFC 216, but you can bet the UFC is making Borg hitchhike to the venue.

Anyway, Borg spoke about what went down on Ariel Helwani’s “The MMA Hour“.

“The plane ride over there, I was just kinda feeling like sh*t,” Borg recalled on The MMA Hour. “My body was aching really, really bad, and it was just really, really hard. And it was just kinda like, alright, it is what it is, I’m probably just getting over a tiny cold or just the atmosphere change. And then open media day wasn’t too, too bad; I was feeling a little uncomfortable.

“It wasn’t until open workouts (that I started to realize it was bad). Open workouts, I felt like I was having to push through a hard, hard workout. Like, I felt like it was one of my hardest training days of fight camp and I was having to push through it. So it was kinda at open workouts where I was really like, ‘This isn’t quite right. I’m feeling absolutely horrible.’”

“That was a key thing on why I knew I was sick,” Borg said. “Because I know my body very well, and on fight week, I’m active. I like to walk around, I like to hang out. And just the whole fight week, I just slept, and it was unusual for me because I’ve never been like that. I’ve never just been so dead tired on fight week. After [open workouts], I went to my hotel room, I slept, woke up, started throwing up a little bit, feeling like sh*t, and it was then when I was just — it was one of those things that had to be called.