Former UFC champ Rashad Evans may be ready to take Antonio Rogerio Nogueira this Sat. at UFC 156 in Vegas, but it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t hear talks of a match-up between himself and top middleweight Anderson Silva.

“I’m not a good matchup for him,” said Evans . “I’m sure he’s not chomping at the bit to fight me. He doesn’t really have anything to gain from fighting me, so I don’t know if he would even want to fight me. I don’t know why he would go out of his way to fight somebody like me. If the UFC is not going to make him fight me, then I don’t see why he would fight me.”

After injuries caused a long layoff for “Suga,” some question his mindset, returning to the game. According to Evans, it worked out for the best. Losing his title fight called for time to recuperate.

“After you climb the top of the mountain and you don’t get where you want to go and you kind of fall down a bit, it takes a little bit of a mental break to help to kind of recuperate and get yourself feeling right to get back out there and climb that mountain again,” Evans admitted. “I did find the motivation again, but it was difficult.

“That fight with Jones, it took a lot out of me emotionally more than anything. Not having the results I wanted, it was a bit of a heartbreak for me. It was just more a relief that that part was over in my life. I had to kind of come to peace with everything and the way things happened, and it was kind of closing a chapter in my life. That was something important for me to have happen.”

The loss to champ Jon Jones did not end Evans spirit. The former champ looks forward to climbing the ladder once again.

“I still watch Jon, and I love to see him fight,” Evans said. “I love to see his creativity. I still watch him, and I still want to get a chance to fight him again. I know and I believe that if I fight him again, things will definitely be different. I feel like I’ve got what it takes to beat him. I’ve studied his game, and I know it. I feel like it would be a different fight this time around.

“I’m just excited to climb the ladder again, and however long it takes, it takes, but I’m a student of the game, and that’s what I want to continue to be. I want another chance to fight for the belt, and when I do, it will be worthwhile for me.” –