Rashad Evans – the TUF 2 winner and former light-heavyweight champ who was on course for another run at the title – revealed that he has a torn ACL yesterday, and will be out for a while.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour, Evans detailed the injury that took him out of the UFC 170 co-main event.

It was a morning practice. It was my last wrestling practice of the camp. And I was actually thinking, ‘You know what, I just not going to train today. But coach Kenny [Monday] has such a great wrestling class, I’m going to push myself. This is my last one.’ Towards the end of the practice, I was doing a wall drill – a guy was trying to hold me against a wall. We wrestled up and he slipped out of position, and he ended up landing on my knee at a certain angle, he landed on it wrong. It messed my knee up pretty bad.

Evan’s injury sparked the chain reaction that lead to UFC 170 opponent Daniel Cormier having to take on newcomer Pat Cummins.

In addition to damaging his ACL, Evans also hurt his meniscus. He’s since had successful surgery to repair both, and anticipates returning some time in the fall.