Thiago Silva vs Rashad Evans

Back at UFC 102, on August 29th you probably remember the viscous knockout of “the dean of meanKeith Jardine by Thiago Silva. This was Silva’s bounce back from a  first round knockout to the undefeated current Light Heavyweight Champ Lyoto Machida on January 31st. Something  Silva’s next opponent, Sugar Rashad Evans can relate with as Rashad Evans lost his Light Heavyweight belt  in a 2nd round KO to undefeated Lyoto Machida. Now both men are on their journey back to avenge their only loss to the champ Lyoto Machida.

Evans feels this fight is not only about being the no. 1 contender again, but also to redeem a loss for his fellow teammate Keith Jardine as they train together on a daily basis at the infamous Greg Jackson Camp (also home of George St. Pierre’s training).

Rashad Evans:

“He’s hungry right now (Thiago Silva).  (Jackson mimics Silva’s trance face) He did that to me. I don’t know if he did it on accident because he was still hyped up from the fight, but he did that thing where he sticks his jaw out- That kind of pissed me off.”

“Jardine is my boy and I don’t care how tough Silva thinks he is. I’m looking to avenge that loss for my boy. I really want to hit this dude.”

This is not the first time Evans has looked to avenge a loss for his teammate Jardine. If you have watched the last season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), you will remember that Evans was harping on how he would avenge Jardine’s loss to Rampage Jackson and “knock Jackson clean out” as he put it.