UFC President Dana White verified last night on MMA Live that Rashad Evans (15-1-1) will in fact fight the winner of Jon Jones vs Shogun Rua for the title. That of course in hopes that the winner emerges free of  injury. Should Jones win the UFC light heavyweight title, it would mean the split of Evans from Jackson’s MMA as both men currently share the same coaching staff in Albuqquerque, New Mexico.

“If we gotta fight, then we gotta get away from each other. I just have to sit down and decide, ‘What’s it gonna be?’ because there’s never gonna be no going back. There’s no makin’ it better or going back to the team after it’s done. If [Jones and I] agree to fight, if we say we’re gonna fight, it’s over. I would divorce myself from Jacksons.”

Evan’s would likely return to sister company Grudge Training Center with coach Trevor Whitman as he has done in the past.