Rampage Jackson has officially announced his return to the UFC with a desire to shut up the mouths of Dana White and bitter rival Rashad Evans. Rashad Evans still has no love for the former light heavyweight champ and former TUF coach. Read on to hear what Evans has to say about it.

“My mom’s on Rampage’s side. She’s cheering for Rampage. She’s always saying, ‘Ruuh-shawd, be nice to Rampage! He’s so funny!’ I’m like, ‘Ma, who cares if he’s funny?’ It didn’t bother me at first. It was kind of funny until I saw the last two episodes and then I got mad. I found myself getting hot and livid again because I was just thinking, ‘Man. I want to fight this dude so bad.’ I think that when we get a chance to fight, we’re still going to be upset and ready to get it on. That animosity is still going to be there, because we just don’t like each other. I could see him walk into a room and I start getting ready to throw down. The hair raises on the back of my neck because I know he’s going to say something. I just want to crack him.”

Former light heavyweight champion and Ultimate Fighter 10 Coach Rashad Evans tells the Las Vegas Sun he won’t have any trouble getting motivated for a fight against Quinton Jackson. He was supposed to fight “Rampage” at UFC 107 in Memphis, Tenn., on Dec. 12, which UFC President Dana White says was an obligation for appearing as coach on “The Ultimate Fighter 10.” Jackson’s role as B.A. Baracus in the new A-Team movie; however, became Rampage’s top priority, even prompting him to “retire” from fighting for a brief period. Now that Jackson has already announced he is coming back to the UFC, how long will fans have to wait before he and Evans settle their score?