It seems UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is battling an old foe: himself.

The 205 lb titlist, widely regarded the best fighter in MMA, has been taken into custody by New Mexico police yesterday , and is now out on bail facing felony charges stemming from a hit-and-run crash.

Jones is said to have left the scene of a four car accident which left one driver, a pregnant woman, with a broken arm. Marijuana was also found in Jones’ car.

It’s the latest in a string of controversies for Jones, who entered a guilty plea to a charge of driving under the influence back in 2012, and tested positive for cocaine metabolites earlier this year.

UFC Light Heavyweight Rashad Evans, a former teammate and later opponent of Jones, offered his take on the situation on yesterday’s UFC Tonight.

“You’ve got to be held accountable,” Evans said of Jones. “And you’re blowing it.”

Evans noted Jones’ run of success in the cage, where he has won a dozen straight bouts, including a record eight successful defenses of the UFC light heavyweight title. But, he said, you can’t ignore Jones’ “less than championship behavior.”

“He needs to take time away from the sport,” Evans explained. “Fighting is a privilege. When you forget that, that’s when you need to take a break. That’s when you need to accept the consequences.”

Evans also described Jones’ family, which includes two brothers who play professional football.

“They need to sit down and say Jon, we love you,” Evans said. “But this will end your career faster than you think. That’s the most tragic thing, when you make a mistake and you don’t see it in time to prevent it.”