Former champ Rashad Evans (17-1-1) has once again aligned himself for a light heavyweight title shot following a victory over the formerly undefeated, fellow collegiate wrestler Phil Davis (9-1). The bout went five full rounds with Evans dominating the stand-up and even the wrestling every round to receive the unanimous decision. Here is the full play-by-play.

Round One:
Rashad starts in monkey stance and comes to standing. Davis throws a low leg, landing. Davis comes forward with a combo and slip, but Evans unable to capitalize. Davis attempts a takedown and eats some shots coming in. Evans patient waiting to counter as he does again. Superman punch attempt misses for Davis and he switches to a takedown which is stopped by Evans. Hgh kick misses for Davis. Leg kick caught by Evans and he trips him and quickly into half guard. Rashad advances to side control and mounted crucifix. Evans drops some shots, but Davis flails free. Evans ends the round on top.

Round Two:
Davis too high with the head kick misses. Evans finally comes in with a combo, but Davis moves laterally. Davis ties up Evans briefly, Evans slips away. Davis lands a low leg kick.  Next attempt is checked. Davis gets ahold of Rashad and Evans shakes the grip off. Rashad rushes forward driving Davis to the cage. Davis lands to the mid-section. Evans starts landing combos in the counters. Davis gets a knee in the exchange exit. Evans drives it to the cage, Davis spins out. Davis throws another telegraphed kick that is caught and Evans gets the takedown to side control to end the round.

Round Three:
Davis comes out with a superman punch which misses. Evans checks the low leg. Davis fails the single leg and Evans attempts to grab the neck, but Davis escapes. Davis continues a single leg attempt against the cage and Evans reverses the takedown. Evans from the top drops some shots. Evans transitions to the back, but Davis shakes him and stands. Evans goes for the clinch and it’s Davis with the knee. Evan’s lands the uppercut in the clinch. Evans putting on the pressure with strikes for the last minute and Davis uses the chance to get the takedown. Evans able to pop up rather quickly. Davis drives it to the cage and attempts some dirty boxing. Evans spins out as the round ends.

Round Four:
Evans takes the venter. Davis comes forward with a straight leg kick. The two start to exchange in close and Evans gets the better of it landing the jab and cross. Davis fails a head kick and Evans grabs the neck. Davis reverses and gets underhooks in the clinch. Davis goes for the single leg and Evans easily sprawls. Davis looks exhausted, stumbling. Evans comes forward aggressively, but unable to catch Davis and the round ends.

Round Five:
Davis comes out working the low leg kicks, and Evans checks them. Davis throws a leg kick and it’s caught and Evans starts blasting while holding the leg. They go to the ground and Evans moves to side control, then crucifix again. Davis quickly twists, giving up his back. Evans goes for it but Davis struggles away. Evans catches Davis with a good left cross. Evans drives it to the cage and Davis attempts to take the neck. The two circle to the middle of the cage and they start exchanging with Evans getting the better of the punches.

Rashad Evans defeats Phil Davis via unanimous decision

Now with Evans clearing out top contender Davis, he will look to fight former training partner Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight title April 21 at UFC 145 in Atlanta, Georgia.