Georges St. Pierre declared war on the UFC last week, claiming that they had failed to upheld their end of their contract and so he was a free agent. Obviously, the UFC disagreed.

UFC legend Randy Couture has been in GSP’s shoes, and thinks the Canadian former champ has a tough fight ahead. Given Couture’s unique perspective of having been there before, he might be on to something.

As per “The MMA Hour” (h/t to MMAFighting):

“I certainly hope that Georges is ready to spend a considerable amount of money in legal fees and all of that to fight this battle,” Couture said. “That’s the first thing. These guys are going to try and drag this out as long as they can drag this out and get Georges to spend as much money as they can possibly spend in hopes to bleed him, to make him want to give up and just give it up.

“Obviously you’re still dealing with Dana White, but WME is another thing completely than Zuffa and the Fertittas, and I think that adds another layer to this whole thing. Georges is represented by CAA. CAA and WME go way back, as far as butting heads and kind of fighting over things, so I think there’s probably some of that going on here as well.”

Couture recalled the process of his struggle against the UFC as an emotionally and financially draining one. He said that the incredible sum of money he spent, in addition to the closing window of his fighting career and frustration of staring down a legal battle with no certain end ultimately caused him to abandon his pursuit and begrudgingly settle with the UFC.