Randy Couture – UFC hall of famer, former two divisional UFC champion and perennial fan favorite. Even in retirement. ‘The Natural’ is currently enjoying a fledgling Hollywood career making movies and has not seen the octagon in over a year. Once the definition of competitor one would think it would be hard to give up a fighting career after being in the profession for 15 years. For Couture, it was not that hard because in his words he accomplished everything he wanted to in his career.

These days Couture enjoys  working on movie sets, working with his son on his MMA career and just being a spectator at events. He has no interest in coming out of retirement… Or does he? There’s always one fight that could bring anyone out of retirement. Who is that person for Couture? Well, none other than Steven Seagal. Given the thought of the two fighting does seem asinine, but at the same time Randy did fight pudgy pugilist James Toney in an MMA fight. So, is the match up that far fetched?

“No, I think everything I set out to do, I managed to pull off, and it has been an amazing journey for 15 years. Not unless (Steven) Seagal wants to sign up.”

It’s unlikely Couture was serious about the suggestion, as he was described as smiling when he gave the answer. Then again maybe Couture is upset about Seagal encroaching on his territory, or supposedly giving Lyoto the tools to beat Couture with his crane kick. At the end of the day, they may not eve face off in the octagon, but maybe they could elsewhere. Put Steven in Expendables 3 and let movie fans around the world watch them duke it out.