After this past Saturday’s UFC 113 event, Dana White made a guest appearance on ESPN2’s MMA Live show, where he was once again asked when James Toney would make MMA debut against UFC vet Randy Couture.

“I’m gonna do it, it’s looking very much like Randy Couture versus James Toney. And for all of the positive and negative things people are going to say about this fight, I think a lot of people are going to wanna see it,” White stated.

When James “Lights Out” Toney officially signed to the UFC early this year, it was Randy Couture who offered to have a bout with the former boxing champ right away. Couture believed that the match-up would bring in lots of fans and White agrees whole-heartedly.

“I’m the first guy to go out and start blasting people for making freakshow fights and I’m ready to take my lumps on this one,” White stated.

When asked by Jon Anik if the bout would be featured at August’s UFC 118, White wouldn’t reveal much, only simply stating, “Perhaps,” rather coyly.