It’s been a heated topic as of late. Should the short-career of former heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar be added to the UFC Hall of Fame? According to the man that lost his title to Lesnar, there is no question about it, said Randy Couture during last nights episode of UFC Tonight on Fuel TV. Couture, a Hall of Famer himself, points to the fact that Lesnar was not only a champ, but put a mass of new attention on the sport anytime he headlined a pay-per-view card.

“I think he definitely should be. Anybody who’s been in there and won the title, whether it be four fights or six fight or whatever. I think he made a huge impact in our sport. I think he brought that whole WWE crowd, too. We saw that in the pay-per-view numbers that he put up, every time he fought. I think it’s justified. I think he definitely should be included in the Hall of Fame.”

Whether a biased retort or an honest analysis, Lesnar’s validation in the sport has always been questioned. Coming from a long background of pro wrestling in WWE, many felt Lesnar was a disingenuous mixed martial artist; used as a ploy to generate viewership. That assumption has never been proven to be true though, so based off of his accomplishments in the sport, a set criteria of what a “UFC Hall of Famer” is would need to be clarified in order to find out if the former champ would qualify.