It seems the rumors of Jackson not having the best camp have been verified by Rampage himself. After coming in 6 lb. overweight at last nights UFC 144: Edgar vs. Henderson weigh-ins, we heard a soft-spoken, drained former champ talk with Ariel Helwani about an injury that stopped him from his cardio runs.

I wasn’t going to say anything because I thought I was going to make the weight. I got injured in my camp, which kind of hindered me from doing a lot of running, but I didn’t want to miss this fight because it was so important to me and I fought so hard to get it. So I just said forget it, I’m just going to man up and still make the fight, keep training in other ways. I just couldn’t get my roadwork. I healed up and then I got my roadwork in, but it was just a little bit too late. I had a lot of weight to cut — I cut 21 pounds. I just couldn’t get the last six. I tried my best. I cut everything I had.”

During Fuel TV’s UFC Tonight post-weigh-in show, fellow light heavyweight Rich Franklin was asked to weigh-in on what this could mean for Rampage. Following his analysis, Jackson retorts.

Rich Franklin better watch his mouth before I smack him the next time I see him. He’s a fighter just like I’m a fighter. He should watch what he say. He don’t question whether a fighter is taking a fight serious or not. I take all my fights serious. I’m tired of people saying that … I’m tired of people questioning me. I haven’t backed out yet of a fight due to injuries. I fight. If I win I win, if I lose I lose. I won some fights injured and I lost some fights injured…. It’s my job to fight [injured or not].”