It should come as no surprise that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is now opening up more on his  disgruntle attitude towards his UFC employers. Shortly after finishing out his last contractually obligated fight with the organization, MMAHeat releases an interview of Jackson explaining  further why he is over the UFC.

“In my opinion, I feel like me and the rest of the UFC fighters are getting taken advantage of. I feel like the UFC is cleaning house. The pay-per-view dollars? They tell me one number, but then they tell the press another. Pay me the numbers that you tell the press! Don’t tell me, ‘Oh, we only sold this many,’ then you tell the press, ‘Oh we sold this many!’ But then I’m saying, ‘Hey, you only told me we sold 800,000 buys but you told the press you sold a million buys.’ Then they say ‘Oh, we just say that for the press.’ No, pay me what you told the press because you lyin’ somewhere. You either lyin’ to me or you lyin’ to the press about the pay-per-view numbers. If they’re doing it to me, I’m sure they’re doing it to other fighters.”

There is always two sides to a story. Jackson has made some dangerous accusations that his employers are using the fighters, and lying about income. As you will here in the interview, he goes on to say that he will gladly take a lower pay from a competitor, if it is in fact honest money.