The controversy surrounding the use of TRT  (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) in MMA is never ending, and the latest fighter to be in the lime light for it is Rampage Jackson.

Although many in the MMA community still frown upon the use of TRT and feel that many of the fighters don’t have real medical conditions to be using it, Rampage sticks by his story and isn’t apologizing.

“If I was losing my hair and the doctor told me, ‘You need a hair transplant,’ I’m going to do a hair transplant,” Jackson said “If I get my tooth knocked out like Randy Couture did against [Lyoto] Machida, I’m going to get a new tooth put in my mouth. If my testosterone gets low and the doctor tells me, ‘You need to raise your levels back up to where you used to be when you were 25,’ and you’re fighting these young folks, I’m going to go do it.”

He was originally given testosterone by his doctor after suffering a knee injury leading up to his fight with Ryan Bader.

“Before I started doing testosterone, I was thinking about retiring. Not because I was upset with the UFC as much as because my body’s all beat up. I wasn’t as motivated to train. That’s why, because my testosterone levels were really low. I think the doctor said I probably depleted them training really hard and fighting.”

Even though Jackson lost in a unanimous decision to  Bader, he feels with the continued use of TRT, he could extend his MMA career for a longer period.

“Now I feel like I’m 25 again,” he said. “I’m going to be fighting for as long as I want to fight.”

Although the use of TRT is not technically illegal as stated by the athletic commission, many feel the fighters using it have an unfair advantage over those who are not. Jackson disagrees somewhat, and feels that if a fighter needs it for a medical condition such as him, it’s okay, but otherwise it’s unfair for those who don’t really need it.

“I feel like it’s a medical condition,” Jackson said. “I have to say this. I have to say this and maybe some people will get mad, but I feel like whoever’s getting mad at me for healing myself up, [there’s] an old saying, a slave mentality, like, ‘Oh, how dare you make yourself 100 percent to be fighting out there.’ That’s what comes to my mind.”

Source: Sherdog