Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson has been under heavy scrutiny as of late. After suffering two straight losses and missing weight, criticism has been shot off from employers, press and fans alike, leaving the former champ questioning his continuation in the UFC. Jackson may be confused of his future, but still plans to go out with an impressive win over Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua.

The first time I fought Shogun I was injured, I dislocated my ankle three weeks into training camp, and I couldn’t run for three weeks, so my cardio was pretty bad and we had 10 minute rounds. So that always haunted me. I love Shogun, he’s a good guy, over the years we’ve seen each other and we’ve conversated and he and his brother Ninja are great guys. Me wanting to rematch Shogun is nothing personal. Shogun coming up, he was the best back then and I knew I could beat him but it’s just unfortunate that I couldn’t get my ankle (healed). I just want to get that fight back. Straight up, when I get my knees back together, I’m training my ass off. I got something to prove to Shogun. I don’t care if I’m just coming off of knee surgery and stuff like that, I’m going to give Shogun a run for his money. Shogun better train pretty hard for this because I know how to train hard. When I was training for Jon Jones, that was the best Rampage ever and that’s why I give Jon Jones his praise because I have never lost a fight being in that type of shape and he beat me quite easily and submitted me.”

Transcribed by: MMAMania.com