Remember the days when Rampage Jackson and King Mo hated each other? Well, it looks like nothing squashes a good feud between MMA stars like being sponsored by the same company. Rampage and King Mo recently both signed to MMA Elite as the video captures them clearing the air. Rampage professes to only have had an issue with King Mo when he had a nipple ring, and now that it is gone he does not have the problem he once had. Obviously, it has just been enough time, and as Rampage put it King Mo is cool now. Of course when you have two of the better talkers in MMA don’t think they wouldn’t be calling out anyone else.

As a matter of fact their attention turns to Chael Sonnen pretty quickly. King Mo does not seem to have a big issue with him, but Rampage is none to pleased by Sonnen antics. One of the bigger things though is that King Mo points out that if Chael and Rampage won their next fight that if they fought each other it could be big money, and Rampage does not say he is leaving the UFC after his next fight. Of course, he says a bout is impossible with Chael since Rampage is tired of fighting people who like to just hump on the ground. He points to Greg Jackson as one of the main reasons that fighters fight that way now. Rampage has shied away from the cameras as of late, but it is nice to see the funny character back in front of the camera. Let’s hope it happens more as we get closer to UFC 153.