It worked for Miguel Torres, why not Quinton “Rampage” Jackson when it comes to joking about rape? Back in April, Jackson released a video skit titled “how to pick up a Gurl” (not a typo). The skit explained essentially how to kidnap a woman with chloroform (now private).

During a recent, long interview with Ariel Helwani, Jackson admitted that the whole skit was a ruse in order to be fired from his UFC contract obligations in order to move on to other higher paying offers. According to Rampage, the UFC wasn’t buying it.

“The reason why it wasn’t funny is because the guy released it too soon. It was supposed to be like Dave Chappelle type of stuff. I was supposed to do a series of videos and I was going to be like Dave Chappelle. I like and I wanted to be like Dave Chappelle. The guy liked the video so much he put it on an MMA website, I don’t understand. I was supposed to say, this is what I hope happens to any guy, lowlife, trying to rape women. Look what happened to the guy. He got shot at and ended up being a tranny, a man. Plus at the same time, I was kind of like, I had to put it out there, the timing, I was trying to get kicked out of the UFC. I have to keep it real. I was trying. They (UFC) were smart. They knew it, they saw right through it.”

In regards to now regretting the making of the rape video.

“Now that the UFC didn’t kick me out, yeah [I do regret it]. It didn’t do its job.”

To this day Jackson would love to be released from his final UFC bout. The former Pride FC star says other fight organizations (not just MMA) are offering more money to the 34-year-old former champ. Of those options Jackson hints boxing, kickboxing, (k-1?) and anywhere else that doesn’t allow ‘boring fighters’ like Ryan Bader to lay on him says Jackson.