You got to love the fans. After all the fans calling for Mark Hunt to get a title shot in place of Alistair Overeem, someone has made a video in Hunt’s support. Mark may not be the most likely competitor for the belt, but after all the confusion surrounding the UFC 146 main event. Some people are opposed to Mark Hunt taking the title shot. Either way, I am all for fans making awesome promo videos like this.

The video is all hype and all Hunt. It builds up like a typical UFC promo with the music, including the voice overs of Rogan and Goldie chiming in. Hilariously, the video shows Alistair disappear to the message “14/1 question mark .” Cut to Mark Hunt highlights in the UFC. If this does not make you a supporter of the Mark Hunt movement, nothing will. So, do what the video ask of you, if you feel inclined, and #RallyForHunt.