Rafael dos Anjos has won the lottery. Sure, he’s the UFC’s lightweight champ – a position he put himself in through hard work and tenacity – but things didn’t really get good for him until UFC superstar and transient featherweight Conor McGregor decided he wanted to hold two championship belts and announced that he wanted Dos Anjos’.

Now the Brazilian is going to have more spotlight on him then he ever could have managed by himself, and he’s likely going to make a wheelbarrow full of cash.

Thankfully, he’s making the most of it.

With McGregor talking of representing the Brazilian people, and somehow decapitating Dos Anjos in their honor (who knows what he’s talking about), the lightweight champ has taken a turn with the figurative conch shell and is making his presence known. Here he is talking to MMAFighting:

“Lightweight division is a different story. We’ll see. Everybody talks. Anthony Pettis talked before the fight. Donald Cerrone talked before the fight. See what happened? I’ll let him talk and we’ll see what happens. I hope he’s training hard. I think he’s going to be scared once I hit him.”

Here’s hoping Dos Anjos engages a little more. It will give McGregor much more material to work with.