TMZ was on the scene where Quinton Rampage Jackson was involved in a little fender bender. Jackson was driving from the car lot in his brand spankin new $100k+ ride (Audi R8) but before he could get it home, he was rear ended by an elderly lady who didn’t speak much English according to the former UFC champ.


“I am thankful and happy no one was hurt. I tried to make sure the elderly woman that hit my car was OK … she didn’t speak much English, but I could see she wasn’t hurt in any way. I am fine, the little old lady is fine, but my car got hurt, and for that I’m sad”.

That is one bad ass ride, a pitty he just barely got it and already he’s going to have to be without it for a while for repairs, and that lady must have been going pretty darn fast because the rear wheel appears to be separated from the car…