Michael Bisping:

“I always hear the same comments all the time, ‘He is an arrogant so and so’, the truth is I’m not, I think I’m very humble and I’ve got a long way to go.’ I train very hard, I do my best and I’m trying to support my family. They’re always going on about how bad I was on the Ultimate Fighter, I for the life of me can’t see what I did wrong, I was just trying to help my team win. Yes there was a bit of fun and banter back and forth, but it was just a pisstake. Bloody hell, get over it. There’s no point crying yourself to sleep over it, I was just having a laugh. Also I think it was the fact I was the Team UK coach and they thought I was anti-US, which wasn’t the case at all but maybe that was the way it was portrayed and perceived, so now they like to criticize me, whatever, I know in England I’ve got a fan base and in Canada and hopefully here in [Australia]. If that’s how they’re going to be then so be it, tough luck.”