Frank Trigg comments on Matt Serra:

“This isn’t a guy you can take lightly. This is a guy that really knows what he’s doing. He almost beat Matt Hughes. He’s been in great wars before. He’s a former champion. He knocked out GSP, or (rather) TKO’d GSP. He’s a guy that’s very tough. He’s got some great techniques. He’s got some great guillotines. He’s got great balance when trying to take him down. It’s tough to take him down. He’s obviously got a great overhand right. He’s very, very good. But I have to agree with you guys. I don’t see any way he can really beat me. If I’m always on my toes, always paying attention, and picking my spots and not looking to finish him in the 45 seconds…realizing this is a guy who’s gonna be tough to finish. I’m not gonna submit him. I don’t have the black belt Renzo Gracie skill that he has in jiu-jitsu, so I’m not gonna be able to submit him. I’m gonna have to wear him down, beat him up, and that’s just how it’s gonna have work. And I’m okay with that.”