Chael Sonnen:

“I’m feeling horrible right now, so I’ll take anything to perk me up a little bit [being the number one contender]. I got cut in the fight. I got knocked out in the fight. I got choked in the fight. It was a miserable 15 minutes…. This is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. So while these guys are out there swinging a sledgehammer and flipping a tire around I’m throwing fists at a partners head, neck and chest. I’m fighting in practice everyday. I’m working on fighting things. I’m not spending my time on health or Anthony Robbins, screaming the word ‘Yes!’ over and over…. I never would have tapped [in the third round], but I was very close going to sleep.

I was on my way out…. It was tight…. I would prefer to fight Anderson over Vitor [later this year] even though I think Vitor is the better fighter. Vitor has never lost a fight that was stand up. Not one ever. And I’m a Vitor fan. So I would know. The blueprint to beat Vitor is out there, but it’s never been done by a stand up guy. It’s been done by a guy who can push, pull and pummel him down there. The one weapon that Anderson’s missing….. Anderson is fantastic. He’s the champion of the world for a reason. I get that. I’m not delusional. I’d rather have Anderson who’s big and tall and those long legs that I can come out and run over than Vitor. It will be a verbal beatdown [before the fight]. Anderson Silva will be in tears before it’s all over…. This guy is no more real than the Loch Ness Monster. And if he needs me to expose him then I will. As far as him being the bully on the playground, his 15 minutes are up…. I’ve got to go get some rest. I feel horrible.”

Even in victory, and an upset victory at that, Chael Sonnen continues to trash talk and name drop darn near every top fighter in the UFC. In this recent quote (above) he talks trash on Anderson Silva again, and also sends a little talk in Diego Sanchez’s way. It is more apparent now than ever that Sonnen is purely after some spotlight by trash talking all the big names he can throw out there.