ea-sports-mma-299x300Sometime in 2010, EA Sports will make it’s MMA next gen gaming debut with the aptly titled game “MMA” They are hoping to topple reigning go to MMA game from THQ, “UFC Undisputed.” From the looks of this video, graphicaly this game does not seem to be a threat to the UFC game. The graphics are very flat and plastic looking, rendered skin textures are just in bad taste – and from the looks of the player movement the animation doesn’t seem to flow fluidly or as naturaly as the UFC game either. Not to mention the lackluster roster of fighters the game will bring since, all the popular fighters fight in the UFC and will not be featured in the game. Check out the video trailer of the EA MMA game below.

Had this game launched before Undisputed was ever a thought, we would all be praising this game, but since that is not the case I don’t foresee a huge line at the local game store to grab one of these up come release date. However I am curious to see how EA designed the control set up, will they copy the layout THQ has gone with – that players once learned, loved for its ease combined with complexity? Or will they again bring us an innovative control style as they did when they gave us Fight Night, which in a way revolutionized how next gen fighting game titles were designed from then on.