Michael “The Count” Bisping (23-4-0) vs. Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort (21-10-0)

The excitement for this fight may have doubled in the last few weeks, as previously, the two competitors seemed to be content not talk much about one another. Well, it looks like a small comment from Vitor Belfort was all that was needed to set Michael Bisping off, and now the two middleweights are locked in a battle of words. The bad blood between the two culminated with a heated exchange of words at the pre-fight press conference, and you know the UFC will be ready to separate the two depending on what happens at tomorrows weigh-ins.

For Belfort, everyone knows that he has great power, and he will be head-hunting in the first two rounds for a knockout. The problem he will encounter is if he doesn’t catch Bisping, because if he gets tired that could spell his doom. Bisping has enough cardio to last five rounds, and even if he losses the first two rounds he can come back in the last three. While it may sound crazy, a smart move for Belfort would be to use his size and put Bisping up against the cage. That way he is not expending energy throwing multiple punches, and he stops Bisping from throwing combinations -which is where the Brit has a real chance to win this.

For Bisping, he needs to stay away from Belfort’s power. He was knocked out clean by Dan Henderson, and he was dropped in his bout with Wanderlei Silva. While that does not mean he has a weak chin, it does show there is potential for a knockout. Bisping needs to use his length to keep Belfort at bay and frustrate him. He does not want to open too much in the opening rounds or he can get caught. The British fighter needs wait until the later rounds, and once Belfort is tired, pour it on.

The Bottom Line:

It is hard to bet against history. So, look for Bisping to get caught in the second round and to lose out on another title shot. Belfort by KO in Round 2.