Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva(34-12-1-1) vs. Brian “The All American” Stann(12-5-0)

Everybody knows that this fight is going to be a stand-up war, and it will be a great one while it lasts. While this fight does make sense in the scheme of the middleweight division, for some odd reason it is happening at 205. Silva says that he may stay at the light-heavyweight division for the remainder of his career, and Stann has already made it known that he will drop back down to 185. That is what may make this fight less significant, because for some reason two middleweights are fighting up a weight class.

The two fighters have a total of 33 knockouts out of their 46 combined wins, which shows their preference for a stand-up fight. Silva does have  BJJ black belt, but he has not submitted anyone in 13 years. Still, that is where Silva would have the biggest advantage in this fight, because Stann has been shown to be deficient on the ground with two of his five losses coming by submission. Silva, on the other hand, has never been submitted through his twelve losses.

Standing, Stann has not been knocked out in about five years, and on the flip side Silva has been knocked out in four of his last seven losses. Silva was knocked out by Chris Leben in July of 2011 in under 30 seconds, and while MMA math does not work, Stann finished Leben in the first round of their fight.

The Bottom Line:

The outcome of this bout would be interesting if more of the ground game comes into play, but that is not likely. At this point Stann has just less wear and tear on his body compared to Silva, and he takes this by knockout in the first round.

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