Che Mills (15-5-0-1) vs. Matthew “Deep Waters” Riddle (7-3-0-1)

Riddle is a rare fighter in that he has had all of his professional fights in the Octagon, and because of that he has had to do all his growing in there as well. While inconsistent at times, Riddle seems to be putting it together as of late, winning three straight fights in 2012 (one bout was overturned due to a failed drug test). Mills is 2-1 in the Octagon, and he is dangerous, having finished both of his opponents in the first round. Mills may take the first round of this fight, but Riddle has proven he can take a punch and will persevere. Riddle by second-round submission.

Jame Te-Huna (15-5-0) vs. Ryan “Big Deal” Jimmo (17-1-0)

Te-Huna is a super aggressive fighter who needs to put the pressure on Jimmo, because plenty of fighters have tried before and failed. While Te-Huna has the power advantage, Jimmo’s striking is a lot more technical, which was shown in wins over Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, Wilson Gouveia, Emanuel Newton, and famed kickboxer Rick Roufus. This fight will come down to power against technique. Jimmo by unanimous decision.

Gunnar “Gunni” Nelson (10-0-1) vs. Jorge Santiago (25-10-0)

At his essence, Nelson is a phenom, because at 24-years old he has won ten straight fights and finished them all. Santiago is a great fighter whose chin generally fails him, but he has never been submitted, which is where Nelson is strong. Then again, Santiago is facing a welterweight who has beat Jeff Monson in a grappling tournament. That difference in grappling ability will be evident. Nelson by first round submission.

Jimi “Poster Boy” Manuwa (12-0-0) vs. Cyrille “The Snake” Diabate (19-8-0-1)

Manuwa is a big power puncher, but he has never faced someone with the striking ability of Diabate. Plus, the only time that Diabate has been finished by strikes was due to stomps against Mauricio Rua. It is also going to be hard for Manuwa to deal with Diabate’s height and reach advantage. Manuwa’s best shot is to put Diabate against the cage and use his power. Diabate has only gotten better with age, and he will show that in his fight. Diabate by unanimous decision.

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