Jose “Junior” Aldo (21-1-0) vs. Frankie “The Answer” Edgar (15-3-1)

A lot of people think that Edgar is finally fighting in the division he should have been since the featherweights were introduced into the UFC ranks. The problem is that when you are doing so well at a higher weight class, it is hard to consider a drop. But two very close losses to Benson Henderson and the opportunity of a title shot made up Edgar’s mind. In this match, he faces one of the most dominant champions in the business, because if you count Aldo’s time in the WEC, he has held the title for over three years and has defended it five times.

This fight can take place anywhere, but if it does stay standing the two fighters are pretty even. Edgar’s boxing is some of the best in the business, but he does not have that much knockout power. Aldo has shown that he is more versatile in his attacks as he uses kicks, knees, and elbows more. For Aldo, he will want to keep his attacks at range. Even though he has a better clinch game, tying up with Edgar would not be smart, because if Edgar gets his hands on Aldo then he will go for the takedown.

That is where Edgar has the best chance in this fight, too. If he shoots for a takedown, he could control Aldo on the ground, and his jiu-jitsu is good enough that he will be able to defend submissions. While Aldo has shown to have some great takedown defense, he has not fought someone like Edgar. Yes, Chad Mendes has great wrestling, but he does not blend it with his striking like Edgar does. Having taken down fighters like Gray Maynard, BJ Penn, and Henderson, it is not a question about whether Edgar can get it to the ground, but if he can keep it there.

The Bottom Line:

Aldo has been very dominant in his reign, but he has never faced someone as well-rounded as Edgar. Edgar has been fighting better opposition at a higher weight class and it will show. Frankie Edgar by TKO in the 4th round.