Pat “HD” Barry (7-5-0) vs. Shane “No limits” del Rosario (11-1-0)

Barry has always been an entertaining fighter win or lose, but unfortunately he has been doing more losing lately. With only one win in his last four fights, Barry may be fighting outside the octagon if he losses this match.  He has always been a great stand-up fighter, but he has also been knocked out by Lavar Johnson and Cheick Kong as of late. During the Kongo bout he was on the verge of a win when he came in for the kill dangerously, catching a counter that put his lights out. He has been said to have tightened up his game, but Rosario will make it apparent if those holes still exist.

Rosario was thought to be a bright prospect in the heavyweight division, but an injury put off his debut in the octagon by a year. When he finally did debut, he was finished in the second round by Stipe Miocic. Rosario is surprisingly only a blue belt in jiu jitsu, despite earning a omoplata in Strikeforce. His real power comes in his Muay Thai. He is a champion Thai fighter, and it will be interesting to see  how his thai matches up with Barry’s kickboxing.

Supposedly, Barry is in phenomenal shape, weighing in at around 208 pounds, which could factor into the match up tremendously. He is going to be much lighter, which should help with his movement, but if Rosario takes it to the ground, he may be able to use his weight to control the smaller fighter. Hopefully this bout never goes to the ground and it can play out on the feet.

The Bottom Line:

If Barry weighs as much as he professes he is and is truly focused for this fight, he will take this bout. Just the experience of fighting in the octagon will bring Barry the win. Pat Barry by TKO in the first round.