Another UFC PPV is upon us and another shot at predicting the outcome of the fights on deck. UFC 109 pits Randy “The Natural” Couture against Mark “The Hamer” Coleman. This is the first time ever two UFC hall of famers face off with each other in the octagon.

Also scheduled to fight on this card are Matt “The Terra” Serra and Frank “Twinkle toes” Trigg, both fighters are coming off tough losses and both have already been slinging the trash talk, leading up to tomorrows UFC 109 event.

Main Event:

Randy Couture vs. Mark Coleman **** Randy Couture via TKO rd 3

I think Couture’s wrestling is more superior than Coleman’s, as well as his conditioning. Coleman does have a great double leg take down but he wont be pulling that off so easily on Couture.  I think the first two rounds will be pretty much a wrestling match with some light ground and pound from both fighters, but with Randy edging Mark out on points. Round 3 I am thinking Coleman will be very tired and unable to slow down Randy’s attack. This will be the round were there very well conditioned Randy will put a beating on Coleman and most likely score the TKO finish.

Main Card:

Nate Marquardt vs. Chael Sonnen ***** Nate Marquardt via Guillotine choke rd 2

Mike Swick vs. Paulo Thiago ***** Paulo Thiago via split decision

This is a pretty tough fight for me to call, as I am a fan of Swick’s. However, Swick did not look good at all in his bout with Dan Hardy so that leaves me suspect of his current mindset. Thiago is a fighter on the rise and has looked good in his last few bouts and particularly the bout that shocked the MMA world – where he KO’d Koscheck.

Demian Maia vs. Dan Miller  ***** Demian Maia via Rear naked choke rd 2

Matt Serra vs. Frank Trigg ***** Frank Trigg via Unanimous decision

This will no doubt be a very entertaining fight. I think the only advantage Serra will have is submissions, which are no good for Trigg. However, I dont think Serra will be able to out wrestle Trigg to get into an advantageous position to submit him. The fight will be decided on the feet where Trigg has more length and speed than Serra. However we know Serra has the KO power to rock GSP so Trigg will need to stay moving, use his reach – and counter everything Serra tries to dish out.

Preliminary Bouts:

Mac Danzig vs. Justin Buchholz **** Mac Danzig via Submission rear naked choke rd 1

Melvin Guillard vs. Ronys Torres ***** Melvin Guillard via TKO rd 1

Phillipe Nover vs. Rob Emerson ***** Rob Emerson via KO rd 2

Brian Stann vs. Phil Davis ***** Brian Stann via TKO rd 1

Tim Hague vs. Chris Tuchscherer ***** Chris Tuchscherer via KO rd 2

Joey Beltran vs. Rolles Gracie ***** Rolles Gracie via Triangle choke rd 1