Lately, Johny Hendricks and Martin Kampmann have been lobbying very hard to get a shot at the interim UFC welterweight champ, Carlos Condit. One would be unsure why, as it’s been clear from Condit’s camp that he will be waiting on Georges St. Pierre to return. Hendricks and Kampmann should turn their focus on each other, as the winner of the fight between the two would certainly settle who should get the first opportunity to fight for the unified title.

GSP has been the UFC welterweight champ since December 29th, 2007 and has successfully defended his title seven times. Condit is an absolute warrior, with a very well rounded game. His one weakness, wrestling, is probably GSP’s biggest strength. St. Pierre should exploit that to take a decision victory in the unification bout.

Martin Kampmann was the last person to defeat Carlos Condit, via split decision. One would think that gives him a leg up on Hendricks, but similar to Condit, Kampmann’s biggest weakness is wrestling, and Johny’s biggest strength is wrestling.

The only other person who could have a claim to be a number one contender would be Rory MacDonald, if he can beat BJ Penn in a very convincing fashion. Unless BJ decides to use his world renowned jiu-jitsu, MacDonald is just too well rounded. He is part of the new breed of fighter, brought up on all aspects of MMA. He’s the opposite of the old guard, where a fighter has one large strength, an area of focus as they came up in training, and they work to round out their game. That said, there shouldn’t be any reason that MacDonald would jump Kampmann or Hendricks, if that fight happens.

An even larger issue looming on the horizon is that GSP and MacDonald are teammates at the Tristar gym. Will these two avoid each other like Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck have in the past, or will they go the way of Jon Jones and Rashad Evans, and give the fans the fight they may desire?