So much for TMZ’s rumors of Georges St-Pierre‘s issues spawning from a terminal father and a baby on the way out of wedlock (gasp). St-Pierre’s sister has recently cleared the air, stating that their Father is not ill.

“My father is doing very well. We get lots of calls and this rumor has to stop. It makes us pain. My father keeps my children. He would not keep them if he was about to die. I do not know where this rumor came from, but this is wrong.”

As for the baby drama–White has told The LA Times that St-Pierre had assured him that both TMZ’s rumors are untrue. In fact, White is confident that they will have the rematch setup shortly.

“As far as a rematch, we’re on schedule and I’ll have a date within a couple weeks,” White said. “I feel confident that Georges is fine with that and all is on track.”

Now the new problem that has surfaced is a rumor that St-Pierre is dealing with a multimillion dollar lawsuit from his past manager Shari Spencer, who had been with him during his biggest growth spurt in sponsorship deals. Here’s what St-Pierre’s prior manager Stephane Patry had said during an interview on 98.5 FM Sports.

“The only thing that I can think of, that I know of, is that between the period where I was his manager and his current management, he had a manager for three years, a woman named Shari Spencer. It didn’t end well between them. When things ended between me and Georges, we stayed good friends but it ended very badly with Shari Spencer and I know she’s suing him for several million dollars. I don’t know if the lawsuit is advancing against Georges and he’s gonna lose it but I don’t see another problem. His parents are in good health, his two sisters too and he doesn’t have health problems otherwise he couldn’t fight … He doesn’t have any children either. At the moment he isn’t married, he has someone in his life but that’s not on this side either that’s 100-percent sure. The only thing I can see is the lawsuit with his former manager.” – 98.5 FM Sports

Mo’ money, mo’ problems. Could the threat of losing a big chunk of his wealth be what’s causing St-Pierre to be a ‘crazy’ insomniac as he suggested at the post-fight press conference (video here).

UPDATE: Former manager Shari Spencer says that she’s not what’s bothering GSP.