Mr. Wonderful, Phil Davis continues his undefeated run in the UFC with a huge win over the veteran, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC Fight Night 24 in Seattle, Washington. Davis used Lil’ Nog’s weakness of the single leg takedown defense to get the decision from the judges. Davis stayed busy from the top throughout the second and third to seal his destiny. Here is the live play-by-play.

Round One:
Davis throws a straight kick to a landed head kick. Lil Nog counters with a punch. Again a head kick by Davis and Rogerio stings Jones with a right. Davis clinches against the fence but then backs up. Davis again pushes with a kick to the mid-section. Davis attempts a takedown and stuffed. Davis throws a kick with the right this time. Davis lands a front kick and Nog responds with a jab. Davis comes in and gets clipped again and Davis resets. Davis throws some punches to setup the takedown and fails but as he backs Nog trips. Davis tries to follow through but unable to keep Nog down. The round ends with the two standing. Caged Insider gives the round to Rogerio 10-9

Round Two:
Davis lands a high kick to start. Davis throws a missed right and barely dodges a counter. Davis again tries to come in and comes close from landing a big counter. Nog begins stalking more moving forward looking to frustrate Davis. Davis quickly throws a high kick and shoots and looses the takedown. Davis gets caught shooting with a head kick. Davis winces as Nog is picking him apart. Davis finally catches a single leg and gets the takedown. Nog kicks off but Davis stays on him. Nog slips up for a second and Davis quickly grabs his back and drags him down. Now from the back Davis lands some shots to the face of Nog during the last 30 seconds to finish out the round. Caged Insider gives the round to Davis 10-9

Round Three
Nog starts throwing haymakers trying to finish the fight but whiffs. Davis lands a clean head kick. Davis now gets a single leg again. Rogerio works up and again Davis gets the takedown. Lil Nog attempts wrist control but Davis gets into half guard instead. The two scramble up and Davis attempts another single leg that fails. Davis attempts again and completes. Now in half guard Davis throws some body shots. Nog continues to try to go for wrist control and pushing off the waist of Davis but unable to get Davis off as the time runs down.

Official Decision: Phil Davis wins via unanimous decision via 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

The up and comer, Davis now holds notable victories over Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Tim Boetsch, Rodney Wallace, and Brian Stann.