It looks like Josh Thomson’s recent “begging” for a fight with perennial contender Anthony Pettis might pay off, as the former WEC lightweight champ has relayed he’s willing to throw down with the accomplished vet later this year. This, despite the fact that according to Pettis, the masses aren’t overly familiar with Mr. Thomson (you know, “that guy” who beat Nate Diaz earlier this year).

Thomson has been driving hard for a big profile fight since he put away Diaz at UFC on FOX 7 in April, and since Pettis has been sidelined as of late, he’s eager to fight “Showtime” in September or October. Pettis, who was scheduled to fight featherweight champ Jose Aldo on August 3rd until he hurt his knee, recently told MMA

“Thomson called me out. I’m never afraid to fight anyone, and I’m tired of waiting. If I’m supposed to be the best, then why not beat him in October? [It will] set me up for a title shot late this year or early next [year].

“Only bad thing is no one really knows who he is.”

While it’s true hardcore fans are more up to speed on Thomson, his abilities and what he’s done in the sport, he is currently ranked #4th in the UFC lightweight division. So, as Pettis acknowledged, if he’s looking to get back in there, then a win over Thomson would certainly be an impressive addition to his resume. Of course, you could argue ‘why take the risk?’ Especially since Dana White has said Pettis could be in line for  title shot at 145 or 155. If Pettis decides to wait that out, however, he could go a year without competing.

Lightweight champ Benson Henderson is set to fight TJ Grant on August 31st, and Aldo will battle Chan Sung Jung in a couple of weeks. Although it’s possible one of those two might want to fight once more before the year is out, it’s risky. Pettis hasn’t competed now since January, when took out Donald Cerrone at UFC on FOX 6.