The last man to defeat the current lightweight champ, Anthony Pettis doesn’t believe Benson Henderson really wants to fight him, despite Henderson accepting the fight at the post-fight press conference this past Saturday. Pettis makes a case that he is the clear cut number one contender in the division.

If I was him, I would say the same thing too said Pettis. I mean, he just won the belt and he doesn’t want to give it up that quick and if he fights against me, he’s not going to hold on to that belt for awhile, I mean, I match up bad for him, and for (him to say) for me to work on my takedown defense, last year he couldn’t take me down and we went five rounds and I won that decision. So, if I was him, I wouldn’t want to fight me either. Of course, he doesn’t want to fight me, for that reason. There is no clear number one contender in the UFC (lightweight) division except myself. I mean Diaz is fighting Jim Miller, and that fight’s a long time away. Let’s set this up, let’s see who’s really number one in the lightweight division. I’m the last guy to beat him and I just had one of the best performances of my life, so let’s make this happen. He definitely got a lot better, but I got a lot better too, everybody gets better in a year. I don’t really see too big a changes, I don’t think it’s going to be one of those fights that where he’s just going to come in and dominate.”

Here is what Bendo had to say after defeating Frankie Edgar to clinch the belt.

I see you, you’re doing big things and the way he does things, man he is spectacular, he does a lot of big things and moves said Henderson. I think there’s a line. I don’t think he is first in line. I’m going to handle my business, you know, defend the belt a couple times. He’s going to handle his business. I’m sure he’ll get two or three more wins, maybe highlight reel wins, maybe sturdy wins against solid wrestlers where he can show and work on his take down defense or whatever. But he’s going to do his thing and I’m going to do my thing. I’m sure well match up one day and I’m sure it will be for my UFC belt. I don’t know if he’ll be next, but I’m sure it will happen.”


Source: ProMMARadio