Fighters are always looking for any edge they can find over an opponent without breaking the rules. With plastic surgery becoming more prevalent in today’s society, some fighters such as Wanderlei Silva, Nick Diaz, Marcus Davis and Phil Baroni have went under the knife for its advantages in a fight.

For instance in the video above Baroni is getting his nasal passage enhanced in hopes of better cardio in training and in a fight. Diaz had scar tissue removed from his face and replaced with cadaver tissue to stop his face from bleeding easily. editor Jake Rossen posed the question, ‘where will we draw the line for these surgeries?’ Would you be okay with a fighter that dramatically enhanced themselves surgically to have the upper-hand over opponents? Perhaps we will cross that bridge when we get there, as no such case has shown itself yet.

Current surgeries done by professional athletes at this point are only minor advantages as of now and do not change the dynamic of the sport. The future of surgery however is unknown, but with regulating commissions in effect, any large loopholes in the system discovered I’m confident will be regulated.