Following the recent outlash by BJ Penn towards Nick Diaz, many fans, and even the media were quick to assume that Penn was acting out over a bitter loss. According to Penn’s manager Scott Hernandez however, Diaz was the aggressor in deteriorating the relationship.

I went on BJ’s Facebook today to try and informally educate some of his detractors as to why BJ came out on Twitter two days ago and attacked Nick Diaz. For me, it was to the point where after reading several responses and comments I thought it important to put out some flames and explain what is going on.

I was merely trying to educate some of the people who don’t understand where BJ is coming from. But I probably shouldn’t have done it in that manner because it still left glaring questions unanswered and maybe put some words in BJ’s mouth that shouldn’t have been there.

First and foremost, BJ and Nick are no longer friends. I understand the media may have painted a picture following the fight that things where cool. But they were not. The one photo of the two together post-fight was taken by Cesar and BJ and Nick did no socializing amongst each other after the fight. This was just a picture painted by the media, but it was never all flowers and butterflies.

Behind closed doors and far from the public’s view, the two have not been friendly and these recent comments are a result of that.

Nick caught BJ off guard and the relationship started to fall apart at the weigh-ins when Nick tried to strike BJ.

Then during the fight … in between rounds Nick shoulder checked BJ. This is another thing that bothered BJ and hurt the friendship even more.

The third item of my list of four that I wish to highlight is the post-fight antics of Nick. He took to Jason Parillo, BJ’s boxing coach, with a verbal out lash and again, strained the relationship between himself and BJ further.

The last item on the list is this clip from HDNet. Nick calls BJ bitter for the loss and seems to have more to say about the fight and BJ.

That is all I wanted to express to you guys. Understand it or not, these are the items, these are the actions that changed BJ’s opinion of Nick Diaz and what tarnished their friendship.

I can’t speak on why it took BJ three month’s to finally come out and say it bothered him, but what’s done is done. I know his supporters will and always do understand, but I hope this helps clear up what’s going on with the ones who don’t get it and maybe you can see, from our side, where we are coming from.

For BJ’s part, he’s not losing any sleep over this stuff, but for me, I wanted to try and educate and merely answer some of these questions we have been receiving from the fans.