After his submission win over Mike Swick at UFC 109, Paulo Thiago officially established himself as one of the top welterweights in MMA.

But on being asked if he was ready to take on Georges St. Pierre, Thiago said he doesn’t think so. He recently told Brazilian news site Tatame that he does not know who his next opponent will be, but he knows he’s not ready for a title shot just yet.

“I’m not worried about it yet,” Thiago said. “At the right time the UFC will give me the chance. I’m getting experience, feeling more comfortable. I’m not ready yet.”

Thiago firmly believes that having the right game plan for GSP is just as important as being physically prepared to fight him.

“St. Pierre is very smart, it’s going to be a chess game,” Thiago said. “Who gets calmer to annul the game of the other, takes it. He works a lot on takedown defense, the ground, the guard. … you have to exchange with him, be aggressive. There are a lot of ways to study.”

Although Thiago himself feels that he is not ready to take one GSP, he may not really have much of a choice. Dana White stated that Thiago is a welterweight contender during a Q&A session last weekend with fans in Sydney.

So if not Paulo Thiago, then who? Let us know who you think should go against GSP.