Following the cancellation of Patrick Cote’s rematch with Alessio Sakara being called off in 48 hrs from announcement, due to Sakara suffering kidney issues – Cote tells Radio that he is done competing with the new larger breed of middleweight.

“We’ve been thinking about it since about a year now. I think now it’s the time. I was a pretty decent middleweight a couple years ago, but now those guys are really, really big. They’re cutting from like 230, 225, and I’m walking around at 205 so I spoke with my coach and my nutritionist and it’s doable so we’re going to do it. In my mind the target is March 16. If it’s not happening there I’ll be ready to fight around that, but I’m hoping to fight in Montreal.”

Cote, once a top middleweight contender, has always competed in the division well with his knockout power – currently riding a five and one record. As we’ve seen, fighters vary in results from dropping weight, with many losing power in the move. Hopefully Cote does not lose his best trait in the move down. The other question now is, who should welcome Cote to the 170 pound divsion?