Pioneering MMA fighter and trainer Pat Miletich has been back in the spotlight lately, and not just for his recent work as a broadcaster.

The success of his old charge Robbie Lawler has brought new fans asking about the former champion Miletich, and the team he founded back in the 90’s.

It was more than a decade ago when Lawler, who now trains under the banner of American Top Team, began turning heads in his MMA career under Miletich’s tutelage. Many regarded the young Lawler the next UFC champion from the Miletich camp — the most dominant of its day.

Last month, those predictions finally came true as Lawler won the UFC Middleweight Championship at UFC 181, after a grueling five rounds against Johny Hendricks.

With former champion Georges St-Pierre rumored to be returning to MMA, Miletich was asked his opinion on a showdown between the two.

On Submission Radio this week, Miletich called his old protege “the worst possible match up for George St-Pierre.”

“Robbie will absolutely wreck him,” Miletich said. “Obviously we don’t get to find out about that match up because Georges has stepped away for a while, or maybe for good, we don’t know. But Robbie is a bad match up for almost anybody because of his skill set, and how hard he hits.”

“Georges was a guy that was very good at the transition game,” Miletich continues. “Very good at making people think they’re in a boxing match, and hitting takedowns when they least expect it. [He was] very good at holding people down, very good at controlling people, and pretty dang good with his jab and setting stuff up off of that jab. But Robbie is a much more refined striker than Georges is. He hits much harder, and Georges certainly would not be able to hold Rob down and ride out a decision. It just wouldn’t happen. So given those two things, it would not be a good match up for Georges period.”

At one point, Miletich’s camp boasted UFC champions in several divisions at once — including Militech himself, a titlist at 170 lbs.

Miletich, who began his MMA career in 1995, retired in 2008 with a 29-7-2 record.

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